Frequently Asked Questions

How are the tiny homes setup?

The delivery service we contract for transport will deliver the tiny home to the location, set it up, including leveling the structure. 

What is the cost of a park model tiny home?

Homes retail for approximately $69,500 plus delivery and installation charges.

What is the cost of delivery and setup?

Around $6.00 per mile (from Alabama) and average setup is $2500

How are tiny homes transported?

A semi tractor delivers the home to the dealership. 

Where can a tiny home be placed?

You need to check with the county and state to verify zoning for your property.

How much do your tiny homes weigh?

Stone Canyon Cabin Tiny Homes weigh between 30,000 – 40,000 pounds.

How big is a Park Model Tiny Home?

General tiny homes range from 100sq ft to 399sq ft.  Stone Canyon Cabin homes are on the larger side of "tiny," coming in at 399sq ft.  The homes are either 12’ or 14’ wide and 42’-45’ in length with a porch. You can check out the individual floor plans for more info. 

Park Model Homes and Tiny Houses: Are They Same?

While deciding on minimalist living, people often become confused with park model homes and tiny houses. Many think that these are the same concept, but there are differences, like a lot of differences if you pay close attention to the traits. In order to make the notion clear a detailed discussion is required in this context so that you don’t jumble up your mind with the two ideas while buy...

Are homes complete when they arrive?

Yes all our Tiny Homes are move in ready once the delivery and installation is complete. 

How long does it take to have a home delivered?

Production is about 8-10 weeks out from order date.

How are connections for electric, plumbing, and HVAC made?

We suggest getting a licensed contractor to make permanent connections.  It shouldn’t cost more that a few hundred dollars.

Are homes rated for wind zones?

Our Park Model Cabins are built in accordance to wind zone 2 rating, however, they are not rated as a wind zone. They are listed as a RV and inspected and labeled as such.

How well are homes insulated?

There is R-11 in the floor protected by a moisture barrier. There is R-13 in the walls with ½” OSB on the outside of that and then wrapped by another moisture barrier, and then R-19 in the ceiling.

Who should be contacted in case of an issue?

Depending on the issue, you would either contact the manufacturer (appliances, AC unit, water heater), the plant (manufacturing issues), or the transportation company (Issues to the outside of the house during transport)

How are utilities connected to homes?

Park Model Cabins are similar to mobile homes. There is a Grey electrical conduit that leads to the electrical panel for your power connection. There is a 3” and 2” ABS connection for your sewer. The water inlet is just below your hot water heater.

Can homes be customized?

We can customize to a point.  Due to production, we limit the amount of customization that you can do in order to keep our production times down.  We cannot add walls, move walls, or raise or lower the roof.  We can, however, change the wall, cabinet and trim color, remove the loft, or change the size or remove the porch.  Most changes are listed as upgrades.