Park Model Homes and Tiny Houses: Are They Same?

Park Model Homes and Tiny Houses: Are They Same?

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While deciding on minimalist living, people often become confused with park model homes and tiny houses. Many think that these are the same concept, but there are differences, like a lot of differences if you pay close attention to the traits. In order to make the notion clear a detailed discussion is required in this context so that you don’t jumble up your mind with the two ideas while buying from park model homes from a sale or tiny house for living.

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This is a lifestyle concept incorporated with a small home and belonged to the manufactured home family. If you look at the traits of the tiny house, you can understand the concept clearly.

  • The size of the indoor floor is between 400 to 999 square feet. The size may vary depending on the local regulations. The size of the shed should be maximum of 200 square feet.
  • Larger tiny houses may have space for recreation and public entertainment. The units can be hauled if the protection and permit are available.  
  • The primary residence is on the permanent foundation.
  • The mortgage loan can be possible here, but you have to put forth your efforts.
  • The insurance and registration cannot be possible in this case.
  • You can insure a tiny house as your personal property.
  • You can use this as a guest home.
  • Cost of the entire concept depends on your needs and preferences. Generally, it costs a lot less than a normal house or apartment.

These are the basic traits of a tiny house that hopefully clears your concept in nutshell. In contrary, when you get your home from park model homes for sale, you will get several traits of those which are quite different from the prior ones.


First of all, the park model homes cannot be used as a residential building. This is basically a temporary living home which is typically designed for RV park accommodation. Let’s take a look at the common features of the park model homes so that the differentiation becomes clear.

  • The living space is 400 square feet.
  • No mortgage is available to get such home.
  • It needs insurance and proper registration.
  • Best to use in the RV park and the RV mobile cabins.
  • You can take it in the public byways.
  • Better to get from an authentic manufacturer for safety and legal registrations.
  • The cost is usually higher than tiny houses.

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