Most of our products come with a 14- or 30-day money back guarantee. We are more than happy to refund any purchase you are not satified with. Just send us a request, include the product you are unhappy with and your purchase reciept number from Paypal and we will process the refund very shortly.  In the case of delivered video products, we cannot refund the amount paid, but will make ev...

Contacting Us

If you encounter any problems that cannot be resolved here, or you just have questions that need answers, please email us at for a faster response. If we do not respond to your email message within 24 hours, please send a message through this application. We will do everything to make your experience with us a satisfactory one. 

Software Installation

Most of the sofware we sell is cloud-based, meaning it is accessed through the Internet. When you purchase any software product through us, you are generally sent an email message that may or may not contain a username and password information. It may contain a link to access the product directly.  In some cases we create the access data (your email address and a password) for yo...