Why was I billed by Exercise & Nutrition Works, Inc.?

IAHNBO is proudly powered by Exercise & Nutrition Works, Inc. What this means is that ENW is in charge of maintaining our site, as well as billing dues, etc.

What can I do now that I am a member that I could not do before?

As a Member of the IAHNBO, you will have exclusive access to monthly webinars, trainings, education courses (free and paid), articles, resources and interactive forums.

Is there a discount for an Annual Membership?

YES!  You receive a substantial discount for selecting the Annual Membership option.  When you purchase the Annual Membership program for $270.00 you will receive the full 12 months for the price of 10.

What exactly is IAHNBO and what does it stand for?

The International Association of Health & Nutrition Business Owners is a Professional Organization dedicated making a difference and increasing profitability through Education, Collaboration and Community!